High blood pressure is an increase in pressure needed to circulate blood. It can overwork your arteries and heart, paving the way to arterial disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Still, a blood pressure reading above 140/90 suggests hypertension and is considered a red flag at any given phase.

Coronary heart disease, resulting in heart attack and stroke, is the chief damage that may result from High Blood Pressure. Consequently, we can say that High Blood Pressure can really affect the quality of your life.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can happen to both adults as well as kids. However, individuals above 35 years old have an increased risk of getting High Blood Pressure. It’s common in people who don’t get regular exercise, eat a lot of meat, are African-Americans, middle-aged and elder folks, obese people, heavy drinkers, and women who take birth control pills.

Is There a Genetic Link?

Yes, High Blood Pressure can run in families. So in case your parents have a history of high blood pressure, keep a watch out for your own pressure. High blood pressure may have been passed to you through your genes.

High blood pressure may also be triggered by high anxiety and tension levels. Thus, it’s important when there’s a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure to lessen anxiety.

Get regular, brisk exercise and eat a wholesome diet. Monitor your pressure frequently and before it damages your heart!