Do you frequently ask other people to repeat themselves? It could be frustrating not understanding what’s being said, but it might even be dangerous if you can’t comprehend an emergency message. Here are five indicators to consider when deciding whether or not you should have a hearing evaluation.

5) You laugh only when others are laughing.

Almost everyone has experienced a predicament where they have lost a humorous joke that their pals find hilarious. Yet, if you discover that you just laugh when others are laughing, then it could be time to get a hearing test. But, make sure that it’s not simply that you’re the type of person that doesn’t get jokes first.

4) You have unexpectedly consented to something.

Have you at any time said “yes” to something unreasonable just because you didn’t hear the question and didn’t want to ask them to repeat it? Is “yeah” or “uh-huh”  your general reply when you aren’t sure what someone has said? If so, then it could be the time to get your ears checked.

3) Your family members wonder about your hearing.

Do your friends and family think you are uncaring and insensitive? Do they think this because you find phrases like, “Do I seem horrible in this dress?” to sound like, “Are you starving for breakfast?”. Does you family complain that they have to yell at you to get your attention? Or do they complain that they constantly have to repeat themselves to get you to understand something? If any of this sounds familiar, then you might want a hearing evaluation.

1) You have to turn the volume up really high.

Do people wonder or complain why you have the television volume so loud when you are watching something by yourself? Or do they say, I can hear the music blasting from your headset? Or you have ringing in your ears that sound eerily like whistles or cellphone ring tones?

If this is the case, then set up an appointment with with a hearing specialist today.

As you can see, there are several tell-tale signs that indicate a hearing evaluation is recommended. If multiple signs apply to you, then you should definitely get your hearing checked right away.