Exercise Equipment Reviews

Exercise equipment reviews are important to consider if you don’t want to pay monthly gym fees or prefer a more private lifestyle. There are many types of exercise equipment available for purchase, and for different workouts.

If you want to bring more fitness into your life to feel healthier or lose weight, exercise is a proven way to improve your body. However, as with any plan, it is a good idea to consult a doctor beforehand. You’ll want to discuss your goals and determine what sort of workout is best for you. This is important because you don’t want to injure yourself, and you want to do exercises that actually help.

Some forms of exercise equipment are simpler, from lifting weights to running on a treadmill. Other exercise equipment is carefully designed to tone multiple parts of the body at once, acting as an in-home gym. This article on exercise equipment reviews will focus on a popular Bowflex product.

Other pieces of exercise equipment are less direct, such as heart rate monitors that can show you if you’re on par with your target heart rate. Be sure to talk to a specialist before choosing exercise equipment, so that you don’t waste time or money on a piece of equipment that doesn’t do what you need or want it to do.

Bowflex Revolution XP Reviews

The Bowflex Revolution XP is marketed as being a compact piece of exercise equipment which offers the same smooth versatility as a home gym as the other long line of Bowflex products. The Bowflex Revolution XP adds the manufacturer’s “SpiraFlex” resistance technology, which is designed to provide the user with a continuous amount of resistance no matter the motion that is being performed. Its goal is to allow the user to develop strong, lean muscles in the body.

The features of the product include 200 pounds of standard resistance designed for workouts targeting the upper body (this can be upgraded to 2800 pounds). It also offers an adjustable Freedom Arms feature that allows a muscle workout for the arms using angles up to 170 degrees using the “preacher curl” attachment. According to the manufacturer, there are over 90 exercises possible with the Bowflex Revolution XP, as well as 400 variations to those exercises. This home gym has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes with a 10 year warranty.

The Bowflex Revolution XP allows users to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise with the use of this home gym so that they not only have a healthy body, but can upgrade their workout and build muscle as well. This is not designed as the foundation for a whole body workout but is instead an addition to a workout that is already being established.

Bowflex Revolution XP Pros

This machine’s range of motion is smooth and provides continual resistance throughout the entire movement of the exercise. Its efficacy and product quality is quite comparable to other forms of higher end home gym machine, and can equal professional gym machines in many ways. It allows the user to choose from an exceptionally versatile range of exercises and their variations. Customers who have purchased the machine regularly report their appreciation for its low noise level and the fact that the individual plates are quite lightweight. Customer service is reported to be friendly, helpful and easy to reach.

Bowflex Revolution XP Cons

Conversely, the Bowflex Revolution XP itself is bulky and very heavy. It requires home assembly with parts coming in five separate boxes. The space requirement for using this machine is significant and many customers would choose to leave it in its place all the time as it is far too heavy to move around between uses. Professional and customer exercise equipment reviews note that while the plates are easy to switch, it is a nuisance to have to change them for every new exercise.

Though the machine is relatively easy to use, there is a period of an average of two weeks for users to become accustomed to the way it works so that it can be comfortably and naturally used. An additional complaint from users is that while the plates are visually attractive, their weight measurements are printed in very small numbers making it hard to identify them at a glance. The bench on the Bowflex Revolution XP can be set in only two positions: flat, and one incline angle. This limits the possibilities of some of the workouts.

Bowflex Revolution XP Summary

Overall, the Bowflex Revolution XP does use less space than many home gyms and as it costs less than $3000, it is not as cost prohibitive as some of those comparable products that offer similar outcome promises.