Carb blockers are an option to consider when looking into weight loss products. The idea is that they prevent alpha-amylase, an enzyme, from binding with the starchy carbohydrates associated with weight gain. However, it is important to remember that carbohydrates are an energy source of the body, and that carb blockers have not been tested for long term effects. Some studies have shown them effective at losing one or two pounds during the short term, but if you have long term weight-loss goals, carb blockers may not be the weight loss product for you.

Other weight loss products to consider aside from carb blockers are fat blockers, which have been proven to be more effective in losing weight. In any case, a diet change and an exercise routine may be helpful in achieving your fitness goals. Talk to a doctor about weight loss programs that may benefit you. A doctor can help you determine if you need to change your diet, what sort of exercise routine would best fit your goals and be safe for your body, and alert you to dangers that some weight loss products may pose. Be sure to do research beforehand on any weight loss products you are considering using so that you can ask your doctor about them when you visit.

cblock carb blocker

CBlock Carb Blocker

CBlock is a non-prescription diet supplement for people who are already on a low-carbohydrate diet. According to the manufacturer, one of the main struggles faced by people on low-carb diets is the craving for high-carb foods. They claim that CBlock stops these cravings and helps users to benefit from carb-restricted diets. According to distributors of this pill, it works by blocking the production of alpha-amylaze. This is a digestive enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates for metabolization into glucose which then enters the bloodstream to be used or stored as fat.

The ingredients in CBlock are: chromium, vanadium, white kidney bean extract, dicalcium phosphate, and phaseolus vulgaris.

Chromium is the main ingredient in the supplement. Although this does appear in many diet drugs and according to the Mayo Clinic it is likely safe, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that it provides any of the many benefits that various manufacturers claim. In this case, the manufacturers say that it helps to control blood sugar levels. There is some suggestion that Vanadium may help control blood sugar levels, but the claim is that it is accomplished in combination with Chromium, does not make its efficacy sound very promising.

When compared with other over-the-counter weight loss supplements with similar ingredients, CBlock appears to be rather “usual”. The active ingredients typically seen in other pills with comparable purposes. At first glance, they appear extremely inexpensive at $16.95 for 45 tablets. However, the instructions say to take two pills fifteen minutes before every meal. This means that the 45 tablets will last only seven and a half days. For that price, it may be far more cost effective to find a drug with a similar ingredients list but with a lower price tag.

CBlock makes some strong points about weight loss in their marketing. Unfortunately, it has neither been approved by the FDA nor does it have any studies supporting its efficacy. Its primary ingredients are called unreliable or unproven at best by reputable health organizations. The odds are that there is a better weight loss option out there for you, especially considering the price. Speaking with your doctor is the best idea before making any decisions.