Kidney stones are quite common these days because of fluctuations in diet and kidney stone treatments mainly depends on the type of stone in the kidney. It could be a large stone or a small one. Treatment pattern may differ for each of them. First, the patient should consult with a physician or a diagnostic lab before starting any treatment. Self treatment is out of the picture because you might be doing more bad than good.

Small stones

The size of some stones are so small that they don’t need any invasive methods to remove. Your physician will only prescribe some drugs for you so as to facilitate their removal in urine.

The first step to kidney stone removal is to drink plenty of fluids. Mostly water is preferred and also about 3 liters every single day. This helps in flushing out the tiniest stones out of your urinary tract. If the patient is suffering from any pain during the flushing out, pain killers are prescribed with might help in managing the pain until the stones are removed. If all these methods aren’t working, then the doctor will prescribe some drugs that will dissolve or break down the stone into small fragments so that water will carry them out of your body. These drugs are only for kidney stone treatment.

Large stones

There are times when deposition of large stones occur. They come with a lot of pain and sometimes symptoms of their own. They may cause further complications or infection of your urinary tract if not dealt with immediately. The basic method that is prescribed is LIthotripsy which with the help of ultra sound waves, accelerates the process of stone removal. These waves are general of high frequency and when they hit the stone, they break it down into smaller pieces. After that, with the help of drugs, the stones are made to pass in urine.

Another methods of very large stone removal is laser surgery. This method is definitely invasive and may cause some bruising of the abdominal wall. These stones are generally carbonates of potassium or calcium and might be present there because of disturbances in the hormonal functioning of the body.

After kidney stone treatments, the physician will generally prescribe a diet that the patient has to strictly follow for a few weeks. In case of large stones, there might be a re occurrence so you should keep an eye out for that.