Remove Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair can be a serious annoyance. There are a variety of ways to remove unwanted hair, but the majority aren’t very pleasant. Many people shave or pluck to remove unwanted hair. There’s also a number of hair removal products available that you can purchase to help you remove unwanted hair.

Hair removal products come in a variety of shapes and prices an every person has a different type of skin. It’s important to know how sensitive your skin is you decide on a hair removal product. Consider talking to a dermatologist or esthetician for a recommendation for you to get rid of unwanted hair. With some research, you can find the type of hair removal products that are in your price range, and work for your hair and skin. Using products on a regular basis can make hair removal a much smoother and easier process.

Finally Free Hair Removal System

The hair removal industry has grown in leaps and bounds, with new products and technologies popping up all the time. They claim to take away unwanted hair on different parts of the body and face. Some work, while others fall short of their advertising. Among these hundreds of products claiming to solve life’s hair removal problems is the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System. Its claims are that it is “painless”, “clinically proven” and “permanent”.

The main problem with this product is being called a hoax. Beauty publications, customer reviews, and internet forums are rampantly speak out against the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System. To understand whether or not this system is truly a rip-off, a closer look needs to be taken.

The product claims to use radio frequency waves in order to remove unwanted hair permanently. They say that shaving will never be needed again. It is sold in two options, as either a tweezers-like device, or a patch applicator. It is these instruments that send the radio waves into the hairs for approximately “a minute or so” at which time the hair will painlessly “fall out”.

Though it claims that it has been clinically tested, the study only had 10 participants. In comparison, clinical trials for FDA phase 1 typically include between twenty and eighty subjects. It was a nine-week trial and the participants used both a Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System on a test patch of hair and needle-based electrolysis on a single test patch, one time. Weekly observations were not revealed, nor were the instructions received by the patients. There was no verification that the test subjects, that they were not directly related to the manufacturing company. The results claimed that while the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System caused sixty percent of the hair not to grow back, the needle-based electrolysis caused 55.9 percent of the hairs not to grow back.

This being said, upon examination of the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System, it seems that the product is simply a fancy looking set of electric tweezers. FDA information from rulings and reports virtually completely negate the efficacy and authenticity of the claims made by the manufacturer. This merely confirms what consumers all over the internet are claiming: that the product is entirely ineffective and that the company will not offer refunds or order cancellations in a consistent manner.

This review stands by the FDA’s information and the hundreds of scathing reports left by dissatisfied customers. The Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System is not at all recommended.